2014 Fall Beginning Hip Hop

1st Day of Fall 2014

I am super excited for tonight.  We begin our 2014 Fall semester at Mission College.  I can’t wait to see all of the new faces and get to know you all.  I’m definitely excited to be back with the familiar old friends as well.

We are not only going to become better dancers in class.  We will have more fun with interesting games and awards.

For anyone interested in adding the class, you must be here this week to add.  I will add as long as the school allows me.  See you tonight.


Running Man

This move is probably one of the most popular dance move that I remember that originated from the 1980’s.

You see how it was done by Bobby in his “Every Little Step” video. The move starts at the 6th second of the video. I remember doing this move all night at one of my high school dances.

Why was it called the “Running Man”? I think it was a tribute to the moving “Running Man” with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Running Man – The Movie

Come share the culture.