Stats Analysis Tools

There are tons of tools online that helps website managers keep track of online statistics. runs on wordpress and we have selected to use the Jetpack for WordPress plugin because of its easy of use, compatibility, and most importantly awesome reviews from many users.

The installation is extremely simple.  Click here to learn more about what Jetpack can do for a wordpress website.

Pros & Cons of Personal Web Site and LinkedIn

I just read an article by Forbes suggesting that creating one’s own personal web site is better than creating a profile on LinkedIn.

I have to agree with this article.  Having one’s own personal web site give a sense of true ownership and control.  There are so many restrictions on LinkedIn.  One is limited to the number of pages of content.  The format of the profile is restricted.  For artists, this limit their creativity.

On the other hand, creating a profile on LinkedIn is much easier and faster for someone with little or no experience in setting his or her own personal web site.  Just by filling out pre-formatted pages on LinkedIn, a user can build a decent profile within minutes.  LinkedIn is a great tool for someone who is an absolute beginner to the internet and wants to start an online presents.

Ultimately, I believe anyone who wishes to establish an online presence, he/she can start with an LinkedIn account.  Eventually, he/she must learn how to create his/her own personal web site.  Learning to build a personal web site has become easier and easier.  It doesn’t take a techie to make one.  Just a little of persistence, patience, and desire to learn will be enough.

Be Like Water

I am a humongous fan of Bruce Lee.  I believe anyone who really studies the works of Bruce Lee must also recognize that he was a philosopher.   His famous “be like water” philosophy can be viewed in the following youtube link.

What Bruce Lee’s “be like water” philosophy means to me is that we should be opened to all possibilities.  Do NOT be stuck in old ways.  Learn to adapt to changes.

In this interview, Bruce Lee stated that he believes martial art is ultimately to truly express oneself .  I feel that his definition for martial art fits perfectly with my definition for dance.  Here is how I define dance by my mentor Skeeter Rabbit.  “Dance is the freedom of expression done to the rhythm of the music.”

When I hear music, my body wants to express the feeling that’s inside me.  Sometimes, due to factors such as self doubt, or lack of muscle control, lack of rhythm, this act of self expression is hindered.  How do I overcome these hindrances?  I train.  I practice. With repetition, I can gain muscle control.  Over time, my rhythm is strong.  With more practice, my confidence grow.  Dance allows me to freely express myself.

Like water, I can express feelings of power.  At other times, I can express gentleness, joy, sadness, fear, and delight.  Dance, like martial art for Bruce Lee, is a method of self expression.

As a philosopher, the next question to ask might be what is the importance of self expression?

Wiki in education.

The concept of Wiki is awesome.  It’s all about being organized.  So why is organization important?  Well, simply it saves us time.  It’s a better way of doing things.

Every morning, as I get my sons ready for school, at least one of them will spend minutes looking for clothes, (socks, t-shirts, pants).  If they had organized their laundry, searching for what to wear would take mere seconds.

The internet is like laundry on the floor multiply that by few billions.  Google is a great tool that helps users find what they are looking for.  Well, Wiki sites are tools that help users organize information on the internet and allow the users quickly and efficiently find what they are looking for.

Wiki in education is wonderful.  Students should use their time learning information rather than searching for information; just we all should be spending our time wearing our clothes rather than looking for our clothes.

LinkedIn versus Facebook

Most would agree that LinkedIn is for career related information.  It’s a great tool to search thru one’s list of friends to possibility help one find the dream career of his/her choice.  Like Facebook, it’s would be classified as a “social” online tool.

Facebook is probably the most used “social” online tool today.  This tool allows users to connect with other users in countless ways.  I have a Facebook personal page as well as a Facebook business page. I’ve created Facebook groups for my students.

Both tools are great.

Inner Balance by Heartmath (wearable)

I love this app.  This is actually a device that one can attach to an iPhone or iPad.  The purpose of this device is to help maintain coherence between the heart and the brain.  One major benefit is reduce stress.  This give immediate feedback on the quality of one’s meditation.

How this device works is by first attaching a sensor to one’s earlobe. The device is then connect to the iPhone’s lightening port.  The Inner Balance app will measure one’s heartbeat.  It analyze  the patternand determines the coherency of one’s heart and brain activities.

The only con for this product is that I can detect glitches from time to time.  This is true for almost all of the apps no the market today.  The robustness of these devices along with the software is just not solid yet.  I’m sure with much use and feedback from the users, this product will improve in functionality as well as performance.

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