Web 2.0

What Professor Sailor stated in the assignment.

“……. The main difference is that web 1.0 was pushing content from a provider to the consumer.  In web 2.0 the consumer is contributing content to each other.  Think about sites where you have researched a product you wanted to purchase.  Today you can read reviews of the product contributed by other buyers.  That did not exist in web 1.0 but is standard in web 2.0.  We will consider this mindset later and how it relates to education today or how we can leverage it to relate to education.”

Websites that allow users to communicate with each other provide exponential more social dynamics.  When I shop, I always read the reviews.  I think I can make better choices when I learn what others think about the product before I purchase it.

As a dance instructor, I can say that my listing on YELP.com brought more students to my classes because they were able to read the positives reviews from past students.

Encouraging  users to share their ideas with others is what I think web 2.0 is all about.  The educational system will definitely benefit from this.  Sharing equals learning.  Is this why we are all here?

Technology for the Future.

With the internet readily available in the palms of our hands, the world has truly become smaller.  I started nustudios.com before the turn of the century with the intention to share with the world what I had learned as a dancer.

I recalled using my video camcorder (hi-8) and filming the legendary Skeeter Rabbit sharing his priceless knowledge.  After filming, I researched on which codex was the best at the time to post on my website to share with the world.  I then discovered issues with file size because most people were still on dial up speed.  I spend weeks studying HTML and javascript to build my website.

Today, anyone can do what took me months to do in hours, if not minutes.  Technology made things faster, easier, and just plain much much more efficient.  With youtube, vimeo, apple podcast, anyone who have something to share can easily broadcast their ideas and instantly reach out to the world.

I use technology everyday in my life not only as a dance instructor.  I learn so much from others because I am also a student of life.  From learning how to practice yoga poses to how to change engine oil from my cars, I love the technology that we have today.  I love where it is going.

Generation Always On

I will reflect on the following article :


Almost everyone can access the internet at anytime, and anywhere.  This is what we want right?  When I have a question, I want the answer now, right?  We are taught not to procrastinate, so the internet is there to help us get what we can immediately.  So what wrong with that?

The folks at Elon University called the people born about the turn of the century “Generation Always On”  These teens-20s have grown up with the internet.  The down side is that they have become impatient.  Their ability to focus deeply has diminished.

I find this to be true not just in the teens to 20s.  I find it true for myself as well.  I find time to meditate.  By practice yoga or simple meditation helps to unplug from technology just for a moment.  I find this balance important for my life.

Another down fall I see with generation always-on is that they lack real social skills.  Instead of physically going to a friend to say hi, one will text or Facebook message that person.  I can see that there will be a need for a class to teach people on how to socialize without the internet again.

Social Networking in Undergraduate Education

The following article provided many interesting surveys regarding social networking.


I find myself agreeing with the results of most the survey’s done.  The way our technology is moving, more and more people will get their information from digital media online.   Our society will spend more hours per week as time progress.

Last year, I did an interview where I talked about difference between dance scene back in the 80’s versus how it is now.   There are both positive and negatives effects.   Positives are that information if readily available.   Anytime if anyone wishes to learn about a certain dance move, he/she can perform a search online and there is an instructional video for him/her.   The biggest negative is I see from my experience is that most of my students take this for granted.  Instead of focusing and learning the dance move, students can procrastinate and almost learn later because the video is available anytime.

This article states that Facebook is top social network site (March 2012).  As an instructor, I use Facebook groups to community with my students every semester.  Almost every single student has a Facebook account.  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, etc, are great great tools.

Internet and Learning

How has the Internet has impacted your own personal learning?

  • What sites do you go to regularly to learn new things?

I probably use youtube the most.  I love learning about new technology, new ideas, dance styles, jokes. etc.   On the flip side, there are many misinformed ideas that came out of youtube as well.

  • Are there authors or sites that you “follow?”

Recently, I’ve been helping with my sons’ youth basketball teams.  I’ve subscribed to a few channels that I found helpful.

  • When does the Internet or the Web help your learning, and when does it distract from good learning for you?

Internet help my learning when I can quickly and efficiently find the exact information that I need.  It becomes a distraction when there are spam wares that pops up.  Also, because there are so much information available, one can easily be misled to the wrong information.

  • How do you feel about technology and learning?

I love technology and learning.  I believe this is the future in learning.  I wish our entire educational system would love faster and adopt this style of learning.

Reflection on Marcus Buckingham

  • What are some situations where you feel you are in your “sweet spot?”

I am in my sweet spot  when I hear music.  I believe all dancers must first love music.  This is why I chose to dance and teach dance.

  • What are some areas where you feel you are totally out of your areas of strengths?

If we are speaking in terms of dance, I must say anything that I learning a new style of dance, I’m out of area of comfort.  It’s natural to be out of comfort for anyone learning a new skill.

Come share the culture.